Baby Massage


Massaging and touching your baby is a loving way to encourage bonding as well as having many health benefits. Baby massage has been found to play a vital role in aiding relaxation and digestion, as well as encouraging weight gain. It can also help improve their immune system, and can relieve the discomfort of teething, colic, and congestion. Massage is also known to improve the quality of the baby’s sleep by soothing the nervous system, which means less sleepless nights for Mum! All Natural Massage Oil on new born baby’s skin, as scent can confuse their senses and Affect breast feeding. By massaging your baby you can stimulate their awareness through the sensation of touch and can help growth, both physically and emotionally. There are also benefits for you, as massage can not only deepen a parent-baby bond, but can also help you to understand and respond to your baby’s non-verbal cues.

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